Classic Traveller

 Freshly mustered out on the backwater world of Vanejen, these now out of work and out of luck Travellers must find passage to Rhylandor.

Character Creation Guidelines

All characters are citizens of the Imperium, regardless of race. Players may use all races besides K'Kree. Hivers use their creation rules exclusively. If they (Hiver character) lands on Leadership or Navy, they must use the rules for careers in the basic Traveller set. 

Solomani, Zhodani, Vargr, Aslan characters are members of the Imperium and use standard rules (Base). Zhodani still have a Psyonic skill, but because of Psionics being outlawed, have no Psionic abilities. Aslan still have rite of passages. 

Characters that failed to enlist the first time or failed to re-enlist for a second term may use the Citizens of the Imperium supplement. 

Marines and Army careers can use the Mercenary rules for MOS's. Naval can use High Guard supplement. Scouts may use Scouts supplement. Merchant Prince and Robots may not be used. 

All characters end up on Vanejen. If a character can obtain a ship or has a ship to begin, they only have fuel for one jump, which would end them up at Gitosy. 


Traveller: Classic

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