Classic Traveller, 41 Years Later…

Classic Traveller being played in 2018? It's more likely than you think. Discovered by a 24 year old, and played by people of around the same age, we all play Traveller with some modifications to the rules— all on Roll20. 

We don't post the full chat logs up here on Obsidian Portal as they begin to take up a lot of information and most are big long chunks of roleplay. It is a mix of voiced and typed dialogue, so there's pieces missing. 

About Traveller

Don't know what Traveller is? Don't worry, we're honestly not surprised. In short, its a science fiction roleplaying game made by Games Designers' Workshop and published by Games Workshop in 1977. Marc W. Miller, Frank Chadwick, John Harshman, and Loren Wiseman all created and collaborated on Traveller's development. 

What makes it unique? A few things. Unlike most character creation processes (to this day mind you), your character could actually die in character creation. Obviously this is optional, but having something like that definitely stands out.

Though it was developed to be a generic RPG akin to GURPS, Traveller's story became apparent through its many publications, leading to a rich history with deep lore and plenty of storytelling opportunities. Not only that, Traveller is inspired by many hard sci-fi works, such as Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, and many more. 

About the Group

The group consists of online friends and RL friends. Each with unique takes on roleplaying and each with different experiences with different platforms of pure roleplay over actual RPG. With a lean on heavy roleplaying, all players involved are active with each other and are dedicated to make their story just as rich as Traveller's.

About the Referee

To use the archaic RPG term, "referee". In a time where even Dungeons and Dragons didn't even use the famous term 'Dungeon Master', referee is a common name for the GM. But enough about the term referee, what about me? My name is Mikhail and I have GM'd a total of six separate games not including this one. Those games are Call of Cthulhu (5.6), Dungeons and Dragons (ADND, 3.5, 4), Pathfinder, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Chronicles of Darkness, and Dark Heresy (1st ed). 

I decided upon Traveller for its rich atmosphere and unique background, its simplistic ground combat rules, and its interesting space rules. I aim to provide my players with ample playtime and engaging stories. 

Interested in Joining?

Please contact me over Obsidian Portal! I'm usually okay with accepting new players though we are currently at seven total. The group usually will discuss with each other if we will allow new players to join, but the more the merrier!