Traveller: All Aboard the Diamond Dog

Log 17 [227-1107]
The crew lands on the Eshaja Moon Base...

The crew jumps to Chronor after finding out that the Professor is being held on one of Chronor's moon at the Eshaja Moon Base. After setting down, most of the crew stands guard of the Itliechefl and four brave crew members, Xanadu, Jun, Dallas and Droog, set out to find the Professor in the massive moon base.

When they land, the squad moves into the hangar lobby to only find an ambush waiting for them. After cutting down Zhodani Prole after Prole, the crew makes it to the monorail level which will lead them directly to the prison bloc where the Professor is being held. After a prolonged battle between them and the Zhodani, the squad of four waits for the rest of the crew to connect up with them…

Log 16 [220-1107]
The Professor got moved...

The crew manages to make the trip to Zeycude, avoiding a patrol and eventually a battle fleet. Being able to slip under the radar miraculously, they land on Zeycude. However, they find out that the Professor they're tasked to look for has been moved back to Chronor, where they just were.

The crew searches for answers in the town of Netsajdiar, one of the few towns, and one of even fewer with a port. With a ten credit a day price tag, the crew scrambles, pulling out all their skills. Eventually they figure out where the professor was taken, and where his fate will be next— transferred to the Proto Merkabah, a space station with the ability to amplify psionic powers. 

During the crew's investigation, VICKTORIA managed to get information about the ship that took the professor from the dock's owner. However, she tried to kill him after getting the information out of him. He managed to dodge the attempted murder, but the crew, in a panic, killed him, in an act of cold blood. Jun, in a frenzied panic, went to the dockmaster's aid. 

The man touched Jun's cheek, uttered broken Zhodani and died. As the crew left on the stolen courier 'Itliechefl', they are left to ponder now with the larger consequences of their actions…

Log 15 [206-1107]
Finally, another ship...

Retcon: Athena was left behind last mission. This time, she's back with the crew. Lisan was sent back in cryo-sleep like she was found prior. 


The crew finds themselves on Ninjar, trying to find a way to where the newly repaired 'Itliechefl' is located. They find that answer in a bar filled with trapped ex-Imperium soldiers and with a new crew member, Dallas. 

The crew pose as arrested Imperial soldiers, and are lead straight to the location by a roaming Zhodani patrol. As the crew arrives, Athena, before the Zhodani can realize what was going on, tosses a grenade at the guards, killing them.

Everyone rushes aboard the Itliechefl and blast off, leaving no survivors to tell the tale of what transpired there. Now in orbit above Ninjar, their destination of Zeycude is only a few parsecs away. 

Log 14 [199-1107]
A plan to steal a ship off of Ninjar...

The crew hire on two new companions from the planet of Gougeste, a robot named Dorothea Mist and a Vargr named Egto. In need of a new ship to expedite their adventure onward to Zeycude, Xanadu and Droog find information about a Zhodani courier being repaired on Ninjar named the 'Itliechiefl'. 

The crew leaves after Dorothea drinks Jun under the table for a bet of 2000 credits. He's definitely starting to feel his wallet start to lighten up… 

After making a few provisions, the crew makes their way to Ninjar. During the jump trip, Xanadu manages to fully repair VICKTORIA to full working order, but she's still in recovery mode. After exiting jump space, Lisan gives the crew an overlay machine that allows a person to use a new personality to blend in with their surroundings. They leave Athena behind so Lisan doesn't have to come with them on the mission ahead… 

Log 13 [190-1107]
The crew escapes Utoland...

The crew discovers that the asteroid they landed on was actually a ship. After searching it they come across the Professor's daughter, Lisan, who gets them up to speed on what really went down. 

After escaping Zhodani space in cryo-sleep, Lisan had the asteroid ship move in autopilot and on fuel reserves to Utoland. The crew discovered her, and now plot a course to Zeycude, landing on Gougeste within 8 days time by grace of the engine allowing the ship to emerge a day into jump space. 

Now with a wealth of opportunities at hand, the crew now has to decide what it wants to do now…  

Log 12 [182-1107]
The crew escapes the Serene Company, but only just...

The crew got shanghaied last mission, yet, they immediately found a way to escape. Taking out an innocent bystander and killing a guard, they snuck out of the facility with the gear they brought with them back on Utoland. They were lucky their gear in time— it would've been fenced off, never to be seen again. 

The crew also managed to make a jury-rigged bomb, placing it in the engine room that would be activated via radio. There was no guarantee that it would work, but it had to be something to make their great escape. 

Their escape however, wasn't completely stealthy. Being found out almost immediately, Jun pulled a stolen ship's boat in a panic out of the hangar as Xanadu slams the activator plunger on his makeshift unit. The explosion wasn't enough to make the entire ship explode, but it was enough to destroy or at least knock out the ship's engines. A group of guards sent out to the hangar to chase them down fire at them, causing the fuselage of the boat to rupture, making a fuel leak. 

Pulling out of the hangar, the mining ops' ship fired at the escaping vessel. Missing a great bunch, presumably as the crew was in a panic over the engines blowing, one laser bolt managed to zip past the fuselage that was leaking, sparking an internal fire that caused it to burst, making the starboard side lose all maneuvering capability. Jun managed to steer the ship in time toward an asteroid, lodging it into the side.

Now, they have to figure out a way off the asteroid…

Log 11 [180-1107]

The crew gets a job to recover Professor Charles Rashani Riket, funded by the University of Regina. Not much is known about the professor other than he was investigating and studying an old Imperial colony that had fallen under Zhodane jurisdiction. His last known coordinates were Utoland, and it's startown. 

They go to the Octogon Club, a place where they think Riket would frequent and they meet the bartender, Jun. Jun talks about what he knew of the professor and revealed what he told him; he was investigating Zeycude. During their conversation, Xanadu, the man currently in charge, hires Jun, in which Jun immediately dives on the opportunity. But before they can leave…

A man enters the bar looking for miners and engineers to work for the Serene Franchise Corporation on their operations in the Utoland asteroid belt. The crew declines, but the man orders them round after round of drinks until they all… black… out.

They wake up in a crew quarters. Noticing all their gear is taken from them, they look out a near by window to see the asteroid belt. They've been Shanghaied…

Log 10 [148-1107]
A surprise, waiting at home...

After nearly a week of surviving two avalanches and the treacherous terrain of Dinom, the crew of the Diamond Dog make it to Rhylan to get on their ship to leave. As they make their way to Rhylan, they're confronted by the same miners that they saw back at the mines. Making quick work of them, the crew makes their way to the Diamond Dog, leaving orbit.

After a month of jumpspace flights and recovering, they make it home to Rhylanor only to discover that the Zhodani Counsulate has violated the peace treaty, sparking war in the Spinward Marches. 

Now, the crew is tasked with recovering a professor who may just be in Zhodani space…

Log 9 [116-1107]
A routine job goes awry...

The crew meets Arlent Streen, the shareholder of the Dinom Corporation as he takes the crew and Inspector Adimmer on a tour of the mining facilities. All's been quiet. Practically a vacation for the crew of the Diamond Dog as they eat extravagant food, drink fancy rare alcohol— its an easy 100k worth of credits. 

They inspect the Napan mines… Everything seems fine. The next day they inspect the Madienne mines… but that's when everything goes south.

The crew makes a trek to the mine, as they have to construct the roads leading to the shaft. As they edge closer, there's four prospecting ATVs parked. Streen and Adimmer move forward, joking around… but then.

Streen's faceplate cracks, immediately killing him. Then, Adimmer's. The crew is forced behind the ATVs for cover as they find the source of their deaths— a mining laser. Workers from the mine converge on the crew and demand something Kostya's holding— Streen's briefcase. The briefcase holds all of his share certificates in the company, which the workers want. The Diamond Dogs refuse and make a hasty getaway, driving off in one of the prospector ATVs.

Soon, however, they begin to feel the fatigue of driving. Terran day turns to Terran night, and the crew take rounds driving, leaving it to their reclaimed warbot, Vicktoria, to drive. As she drives, however, the crew gets caught in an avalanche, causing them a major set back in time. Moving onward, they encounter a volcanic eruption which also sets them back even more. 

Eventually, the crew makes their way to a wide open plain, deciding its now time to rest. Two days with five days worth of food left, the crew clings on to hope that they make it back to Rhylan in one piece…

Log 8 [114-1107]
The Inspection Crew...

The crew gets a visit from Scout Commander Holtby, offering them a simple job of accompanying Imperial Inspector Adimmer Khaashzi on a formal inspection of the Dinom Corporation's mining operations on the moon. The company began building new facilities to facilitate a new vein of ore— Zuchai crystals. This new discovery of this important mineral would mean boosts in stock prices for the company. 

They make the month long trek to Dinom, landing… about to prepare to meet one of the major stockholders of the company, Arlent Streen.