"Big" Dick Harrison

A roving trader...


A tall, gruff man with a pink handle-bar mustache and man bun. He also has a butterfly tattoo on his forehead and flamboyant make up all for the sake of standing out and putting on a gimmick. He also says its great for kids.


“Big” Dick Harrison, age 42. A peddler at a young age, Dick joined the Marines in hopes to see the stars. Fighting in the Fourth Frontier War, Harrison grew cold and distant until he finally came to what he called an ‘awakening’.

He said he saw the suffering children on the planet of Menorb, gave them supplies and saw how happy they were to receive them. This sparked in his mind the idea that he would start a small business bringing supplies to war torn worlds. Shortly after his awakening, he went on to fight in the Battle of Two Suns, right along side Commander Holtby, who was his commanding officer at the time.

Dick decided to work for a merchant company soon after the end of the war, feeling a sense of detachment from civilian life. He was ship security for awhile before finally taking the reigns of a ship. He earned his nick name “Big Dick” after ramming one of the free traders’ air rafts into a Vargr corsair ship, exiting out of it, boarding it, and killing the captain single handedly.

Soon after, Dick purchased his own ship the Fat Trader “Lasso”. He went on to live his dream of delivering supplies to the less fortunate. However, due to taxes levied on him by the Imperium and Zhodani (due to his Free Trader status), Dick has taken to selling goods to fellow travellers and adventurers tax free, making it cheaper for them, and allowing him to take more of the profit.

Dick runs “Big Dick’s Travelling Emporium”, which travels freely between Consulate and Imperial space.

"Big" Dick Harrison

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