Droog Doge

Played by DeAnne



Strength – 7
Dexterity – 9
Endurance – 7
Intelligence – 8
Education – 10
Social Standing – 12

Served: 3 terms in Scouts / Marine Support
Final rank: Administrator / Second Lieutenant


A Vargr that mustered out on Gitosy. Seeking work, he joined the crew on the SS Diamond Dog. He is typically quite reserved but isn’t shy when it comes to getting information and money. While he doesn’t mind company, he typically prefers to be alone and interaction makes him a little snappy. Despite being practical and pragmatic, he is loyal and caring. He prefers to keep his noble title to himself because it doesn’t serve much purpose to him. However, the title serves as motivation for him to become successful.

Droog is fond of cruel and unusual punishment, often to the dismay of his crew members. While he normally can abstain from doing things that are too outlandish, sometimes his actions are inexplicable even to himself.

Droog Doge

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