Jun Yakimura

Back-up character for Claire.


Description- 5’4", slim build, androgynous face; long, deep scarlet hair, pale skin, orange colored eyes; alcoholic tendencies and enjoys smoking, occasionally from a small Kiseru.

A career merchant, specializes in administration, computers, navigation, liaison, and skills in several other areas. Obtained a few scars from exploratory trade missions, mostly hidden by his clothes, save for a small cut on his right forearm.


Jun had what many might call the most uneventful upbringing anyone could imagine. Born to parents that had recently settled on a relatively newly colonized planet, in its northern regions, Jun grew up in a city reminiscent of old eastern bloc neighborhoods. Accustomed to the cold, bleak landscape, Jun’s outward expression matches perfectly to how his surroundings felt. Straight to the point, Jun doesn’t hold back, and speaks his mind with no filter, which caused him trouble frequently while he was growing up. For all his world had to offer him, which was not much at all, Jun always wanted more, and decided to join the planet based corporation, Sharushid, where he found work initially as a purser.

Being limited to shipboard life, Jun became learned in maintaining and use of the vast amounts of communications equipment the vessels he worked on carried. After spending a year working as a purser, Jun had the opportunity to change to the “deck” department, where he would spend many years working and learning. Switching between exploratory trade and established trade routes, Jun picked up many skills, and tested up all the way to the rank of O-6, Senior Captain, by the end of his second term. Impressed by his success, Sharushid hired Jun for a third term. During this time Jun furthered his skills and achieved the rank of O-7, Line Commodore. Shortly thereafter Jun was assigned to a trade station and worked up to O-3, Assistant Station Head, by his 4th year in his final term with Sharushid. Jun left the corporation at the age of 34 on good terms, and has since been traveling between ports, exploring the universe as he had during his career on the merchant vessels, yearning for more adventure and excitement.

Jun Yakimura

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