Sasha Orlov-Denisov

Played by the GM, Mikhail


6’0 with dark brown hair and one hazel eye. The left eye is a cybernetic replacement. He walks with a noticeable limp— one of his legs were replaced with a cybernetic one. On his right shoulder, a tattoo of his call sign “Zero” and his fighter squadron’s patch and name, “Antares”.


Count Alexander Orlov-Denisov, or preferably ‘Sasha’ was a Naval pilot who served as an aide to Grand Admiral, Lord William Stephanos Kirgashii.

Hailing from an Imperial noble family who was displaced from the Solomani Rim War, Sasha followed in the footsteps of countless others and served in the Imperial Navy, attending the Rhylanor Naval Academy to study to become a pilot. He graduated with honors and served in sieges on Kegena and Algine for most of his career as a starfighter pilot. Sasha also served in patrols along the Celepina-Jae Tellona X-boat link, and served as a deterrent against protests at L’oeul de Dieu. For his services, he won four Meritorious Conduct Under Fire medals and two Medals for Conspicuous Gallantry.

During his service as an aide for Grand Admiral Kirgashii, he served as a gunboat pilot and Kirgashii’s own personal pilot. During Grand Admiral Kirgashii’s meeting abroad his private ship, Sasha piloted a Gimgir Class Light Fighter when a surprise assassination attempt was sprung on the Admiral. After successfully destroying some of the ship’s hardpoints, Grand Admiral Kirgashii’s yacht escaped, leaving Sasha and a squadron of fighters to deal with the large gunboat. The gunboat was forced to escape, but Sasha and his squadron were decimated.

Sasha made a nose dive for the gunboat’s aft hardpoint when it clipped part of his maneuvering thrusters, causing his ship to spin out of control and smash into the turret. Parts of the fighter’s cockpit were compromised, pieces of steel from inside the cockpit punctured his left eye and part of the reinforcement framing pierced and fractured his right leg. He was left unconscious in the vacuum of space for a week until scouts arrived to rescue any survivors. For his service and sacrifice of the defending squadron, he was about to be awarded the Starburst for Extreme Heroism. He declined it, stating that he was only doing his duty.

After a three month long recovery period, Sasha mustered out early for his fourth term, living life on Rhylanor’s Old Station, leading a life of boredom among many of Rhylanor’s noble houses. He joined the crew to escape his now boring life to lead a life of danger and cunning once more.

Sasha Orlov-Denisov

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