Played by Dragoslava.


A women standing at 5’4, she appears to be quite calm and well mannered….well, before you notice she has robotic tentacles coming out of her back with razor sharp pinchers oH SHIT SHE HAS A RIFLE OUT NOW….OGH GOD SHE CALLED ME MEAT BAG OH SHIT OH FUCK



VICKTORIA is a Zhodani military created War Droid/pseudo-Biological droid made for commanding lower ranking and made war droids in the Zhodani Droid Army, being given the Biological being title of Major during there service; there specialitys are in the field of recon and intel gathering, having full weapon packages and suited for infiltration of hostile goverments or corperations to gain control and influence in them. Due to the peace treaty, the droid armys were lowered and VICKTORIA was sold to a arms company who gambled her away to a Blackhawk Exec, who then gave her to the diamond dog crew as payment for a botched job


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