Traveller: All Aboard the Diamond Dog

Log 15 [206-1107]

Finally, another ship...

Retcon: Athena was left behind last mission. This time, she's back with the crew. Lisan was sent back in cryo-sleep like she was found prior. 


The crew finds themselves on Ninjar, trying to find a way to where the newly repaired 'Itliechefl' is located. They find that answer in a bar filled with trapped ex-Imperium soldiers and with a new crew member, Dallas. 

The crew pose as arrested Imperial soldiers, and are lead straight to the location by a roaming Zhodani patrol. As the crew arrives, Athena, before the Zhodani can realize what was going on, tosses a grenade at the guards, killing them.

Everyone rushes aboard the Itliechefl and blast off, leaving no survivors to tell the tale of what transpired there. Now in orbit above Ninjar, their destination of Zeycude is only a few parsecs away. 


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