Traveller: All Aboard the Diamond Dog

Log 16 [220-1107]

The Professor got moved...

The crew manages to make the trip to Zeycude, avoiding a patrol and eventually a battle fleet. Being able to slip under the radar miraculously, they land on Zeycude. However, they find out that the Professor they're tasked to look for has been moved back to Chronor, where they just were.

The crew searches for answers in the town of Netsajdiar, one of the few towns, and one of even fewer with a port. With a ten credit a day price tag, the crew scrambles, pulling out all their skills. Eventually they figure out where the professor was taken, and where his fate will be next— transferred to the Proto Merkabah, a space station with the ability to amplify psionic powers. 

During the crew's investigation, VICKTORIA managed to get information about the ship that took the professor from the dock's owner. However, she tried to kill him after getting the information out of him. He managed to dodge the attempted murder, but the crew, in a panic, killed him, in an act of cold blood. Jun, in a frenzied panic, went to the dockmaster's aid. 

The man touched Jun's cheek, uttered broken Zhodani and died. As the crew left on the stolen courier 'Itliechefl', they are left to ponder now with the larger consequences of their actions…


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