Traveller: All Aboard the Diamond Dog

Log 17 [227-1107]

The crew lands on the Eshaja Moon Base...

The crew jumps to Chronor after finding out that the Professor is being held on one of Chronor's moon at the Eshaja Moon Base. After setting down, most of the crew stands guard of the Itliechefl and four brave crew members, Xanadu, Jun, Dallas and Droog, set out to find the Professor in the massive moon base.

When they land, the squad moves into the hangar lobby to only find an ambush waiting for them. After cutting down Zhodani Prole after Prole, the crew makes it to the monorail level which will lead them directly to the prison bloc where the Professor is being held. After a prolonged battle between them and the Zhodani, the squad of four waits for the rest of the crew to connect up with them…


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