Character Background Help

So, you want to write your character's backstory but because Traveller is an entirely new universe to you, you don't know where to start. Hopefully this tiny guide will help you decide and figure out what to do.

First things first, after you created your character, you obviously need to take in account age, their service(s), and their branches. Your age will determine where in the history of Traveller you grew up in, and thusly those events in those time spans could've easily affected you. However, not everything in the galaxy would theoretically have an effect on your story either. 

For example, two characters could be the same age, probably born days or months apart. Either way, their location would determine how certain events would effect them. For instance, if your characters were around the ages of their late 20s and early 30s, the Fourth Frontier War would've never had an effect on their service history as they've be born at that time or be way too young to remember or be even effected by it. Someone in their late 30's onward however, could've easily been involved with it some way or just exist at that time. 

You also need to take in consideration where your character was born, and how they ended up in the frontier sectors of the Imperium. People could've easily been born on other sides of the Imperium and been able to travel from one end to the other, but that doesn't necessarily mean that things like the Frontier Wars would have an effect on them. If you want your character to be a veteran of some sort of war, the Imperium allows for wars on planets within their control, as long as they don't leave the confines of the planet it had started on. 

Want more information on Traveller? Check out the Traveller wiki here. Anything from the Imperial years 1107 (subject to change) and below are fair game as long as it fits within the confines of your character's backstory. Everyone is an Imperial citizen as far as the campaign is concerned. 

Need more information on planets and where to find them? Check out the full Traveller map here. It works similar to Google Maps, with a trip planner and infomartion on almost all planets listed on the map. Does your planet not have a lot of information? Make some up, and run it by the Referee first. 

Character Background Help

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