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The Scout Courier Sulieman Class Scout Ship, Diamond Dog. A 8 man crew shoved into a tiny starship as they attempt to make a name for themselves out on the Imperial Frontier in hopes of obtaining a larger ship.

Meta Information

Want information about house rules, gameplay policies, and the like? You can find that here!

X-Boat Uplinks

Here you can look at the X-boat Uplinks that are created as the party leaves jump-space for their intended target. 

Campaign Specific Canon

We tend to change certain things within the Traveller universe to fit the campaign, but this is obvious for any TRPG— change it how you like, its your universe after all. Some things within Traveller never get established fully outside a name drop, so we tend to fill out things that need some explanation. 

Here are some of those canons: 


This is fiction written around this particular Traveller universe that pertains to the party. Here's the comprehensive list below:

Kostya and Hal's Day "Off"

The Realization Sets In…

Main Page

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